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Futoshi Kokumai


Born in 1973 in tokyo Japan

Begin a photograph in 1994.
Became independent in 2000.
Based in Kawasaki , Japan.  Freelance photographer.



Solo Exhibitions

2019 "Kumo"​ (Cloud) Tokyo arts gallery

2017 "NIWA " (The Garden )  Kawasaki
2016 "NIWA " (The Garden )  Up40 Gallery, Tokyo
2014 "NIWA " (The Garden )  Gallery Sokyu-sha, Tokyo

2012 "TONBO "(Dragonfly)  Gallery Sokyu-sha, Tokyo

2009 "NIWA " (The Garden )  Gallery Sokyu-sha, Tokyo

2008 "TOBARI "  (Night fell)  Gallery Sokyu-sha, Tokyo

2008 "Rain Tree" Gallery Nagune, Tokyo

2005 "Coral pain -to the north-" Gallery Conceal Sibuya, Tokyo

2004 "Home town" Gallery Nagune, Tokyo

2002 "ARUGAMAMANI   " (Let it be)  Gallery Conceal Ginza, Tokyo

2000 "YUME URARA " (Serene dreams) Gallery Pax, Tokyo


Group Exhibition

2020"TOKYO CURIOSITY 2020 SHIBUYA"The Bunkamura Museum of Art ,Tokyo

2018"Taiwan photo"ShinKong Mitsukoshi,Taipei,

2017"Taiwan photo"ShinKong Mitsukoshi,Taipei,
2016"Taiwan photo"ShinKong Mitsukoshi,Taipei,
2015"Taiwan photo"ShinKong Mitsukoshi,Taipei,
2014”Taiwan Photo 2014" Shinkong Mitsukoshi Taipei ,Taipei

2014"Seoul Photo " Coex ,Seoul

2009 "GAW #6" Galerie claude samuel,Paris

2000"EYE SAW"Gallery Le déco, Tokyo



2013 "NIWA" (The Garden )  Sokyu-sha / photobook


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